A Comprehensive Analysis of the Slots Capital Online Casino for 2023

Here I am with yet another comprehensive casino review, and this time I have excellent news for American players: this is a site where they can wager (more on that in the following section). Although I was familiar with Slots Capital, it had been quite some time since I had visited the site, so I was taken aback to discover an entirely new design. This is an extremely positive indicator, as online casino proprietors may neglect to update expired promotions or allow their sites to become stagnant.

It is acknowledged that the site demonstrates some concern for aesthetics; however, my role is to verify that the operational aspects of the casino meet the expectations I have for my patrons. This review will encompass all aspects, including payment processing (which is critical for US participants), promotions, software, and customer service. Upon completion, I will be able to make an informed recommendation regarding this website.

Having addressed the aforementioned points, we shall now delve into Slots Capital!

A Brief Overview of Slots Capital
Slots Capital is among the numerous trademarks that Deckmedia, which appears to be headquartered in Antigua, owns and operates. Formerly a refuge for larger sportsbooks and online casinos, this nation is now home to a dwindling number of ardent enthusiasts.
This brand was introduced by Deckmedia in 2012, but their casinos trace back to 2007. This demonstrates to me, as a reviewer, that the organization has maintained its operations for a sufficient duration to have endured numerous shifts in the industry and continues to expand in spite of the obstacles.

Slots Capital, similar to the other Deckmedia casinos, operates under the jurisdiction of a Curacao gaming license. Although I will concede that the company did undergo the licensing process, historically, the Curacao license has been the most accommodating to online gaming operators. You may not receive much assistance from the regulator if you have a significant problem with this casino, but I am extremely optimistic that this is not an issue that you will need to confront.

Recall when I previously stated that I had excellent tidings for my American readers? Indeed, the situation is somewhat more intricate than that. While the Curacao Gaming Authority remains indifferent to licensees engaging in US-based activities, Deckmedia has established a clear boundary with states that have already implemented online wagering regulations. This implies that real-money games at Slots Capital are accessible to all US participants, excluding the following states’ residents:

The state of KentuckyThe state of LouisianaThe state of MarylandThe state of MissouriThe New JerseyThe New YorkThe Washington

It appears that Deckmedia is attempting to maintain the highest level of cleanliness conceivable in the event that it obtains a license in the United States in the future. It is safe to presume that this is the rationale behind the inclusion of several of the following countries on the restricted list at this casino






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