Our Client’s Games


Empire Z

By: Ember Entertainment
Empire Z is an intense combination of city building and alliance warfare with other live players. Create an unstoppable arm of Commndo’s, Boomers, and mighty Zombie Dozers. Forge an alliance with other players and rise through the leaderboards.

Compatible with iPhone and Android devices. Download today!


Hollywood U: Rising Star

By: Pixelberry Studios
The hottest new star in Hollywood is… you! Congratulations! You’ve just been accepted to Hollywood University, the school for stars. Pack your bags, because fame, fortune, and romance await! Choose your path to fame, dress for the red carpet, date celebrities, make blockbuster movies, and build your entourage!

Compatible with iPhone devices. Download today!


Monster Kindom

By: Zhurosoft
The Monster Kingdom is under attack! Mysterious creatures known as Grembles have appeared out of nowhere and are invading the Kingdom! Who’s behind this new menace, and what do they want? Train a crack team of monsters to fight back, and stop the Gremble invasion!

Compatible with iPhone devices. Download today!



By: Uken Games
Titans is an epic real-time card battler. Harness the mystical properties of the natural world, build a legion of immortal warriors, and command your army in war against the most powerful alchemists in the realm – all from the palm of your hand.

Compatible with iPhone and Android devices. Download today!


Bingo Pop

By: Uken Games
Welcome to Bingo Pop, the classic bingo game that’s easy to learn and super fun to play! It’s a game to DAUB for! Jump right in and play CLASSIC Bingo with all the familiar win patterns like straight line, diagonal, and four corners. Play cards in real time with friends and family and measure your daubing skills against thousands of people from around the world! Every game is a race to 1st place to win the biggest rewards!

Compatible with Android devices. Download today!


Armor Blade

By: Ice Simba Inc.
Armor Blade is a strategic, role-playing game that is centered around a battle arena theme. Adorned with brilliant scenes and powerful skeletal animation, this game is unlike any before. The user is free to personalize their hero with any array of specialized armor as well as a multitude of magical spells.

Compatible with iPhone and devices. Download today!