Slot Overview: Golden Gods

Max Win Gaming’s Golden Gods is an online slot game developed by Relax Gaming, a more seasoned developer. There is always the potential that one studio will influence the other when they collaborate. Especially if one of the studios is a well-established powerhouse that has already achieved widespread success. So, you’ll find it in Golden Gods, a game that seems like it was developed by Relax Gaming. Not at first, maybe, but when you activate its OP hold & win bonus game, you’ll feel like you’re back in Money Train 2.

The similarities between the two games aren’t immediately obvious, as was previously indicated. We’ve played our fair share of Central American slot machines, but Golden Gods’s bright opening screen made a good impression right away. Underneath a stone archway, a golden deity figure holds two orbs, adding an air of exotic allure. When you press the play button, you’ll be transported to a tropical setting with vivid greenery and a giant step pyramid in the distance. That could sound like a dozen different Aztec slot machines, or maybe even most of them. Still, Golden Gods has a gorgeous visual style that improves once the action heats up.

The Central American adventure of the Golden Gods may be played on any device for stakes ranging from 10 pence to £/€15. It offers two different types of RTP, both of which are above-average. The former has a default value of 96.07% during regular gameplay, whereas the latter has a default value of 96.12% after the purchase of the bonus round. Golden Gods’ potential is even larger than that of the slot machine it resembles because of its high volatility.

The game grid consists of 5 reels and 5 rows, providing 3,125 possible winning combinations. As long as identical symbols appear on neighboring reels, a win is triggered from left to right across any active payline. There are ten different pay symbols in Golden Gods. Six of these are 9-A card ranks paying 0.8 to 1.5x the wager for five of a kind, with the payout for the four face premiums (majors) increasing to 3x the bet for five of a kind in Golden Gods.

Features of the Golden Gods Slot

Because Max Win Gaming didn’t include any wilds, the only other symbol is a golden bonus scatter that activates both the Respins and Bonus Round features.

Respins are Used in

The respin feature is activated when a winning combination of high pay majors lands with 1 or 2 scatters. Until a dead spin happens, the slot will continue to spin.

Extra Points

If you see at least three scatter icons, a bonus round will begin. Six free spins are granted if either four feature symbols or three money symbols appear on the reels during the triggering scatters’ transformation into sticky money symbols. Sticky feature symbols offer +3 spins and activate a modifier when they land, whereas money symbols freeze in place when they hit. More information regarding the signs is provided below:

The value of a regular symbol is 2x to 8x the wager.

The gold symbol is worth 10x to 200x the wager and triggers an additional 2 free games.

Itzamna is a magic spell that duplicates the value of a chosen symbol and multiplies it by 1.

Ix Chel – Either combines the values of two or four currency symbols into one, then multiplies that total by its own multiplier. Alternately, a golden version of one of the feature symbols would activate its effect on each spin.

Kinich Ahau – gathers and adds up the worth of all symbols.

Chaac – Either player may choose up to three cash prizes and multiply them by a factor of three. In addition, a feature sign may be exchanged for a monetary award. Or, a non-active feature sign is reactivated.

The bonus round will terminate after the spins have finished or the game’s maximum win has been attained.

Incentives to Purchase

If allowed in your region, you can pay 150 times your initial wager to gain access to the bonus game.

Golden Gods: The Slots’ Final Say

Max Win’s Golden Gods slot machine would have been a huge success if it weren’t so closely linked to WMS’s multimillion-dollar Money Train 2 game. Still, Golden Gods has what it takes to make headlines for all the right reasons. To begin with, it has a fantastic visual style, with bright colors and an appealing design throughout, from the home screen’s golden-winged deity to the in-game panels’ half cartoonish, partially realistically drawn jungle environments. It’s akin to those PC golf games that fool the eye with their photorealism. The spinning of each reel individually might be startling at first, but it doesn’t take long to get used to once you get into the game.

You can see the possible influence of Relax Gaming on the game’s design, and it certainly swings, at least in the bonus game when things become more than a bit Money Train 2. Golden Gods’ bonus round isn’t quite as effective as MT2’s bazooka blast to the face, despite any possible collaboration. After all, Golden Gods only has four special symbols, and none of them shoot bullets or electrify like the Necromancer or Persistent Payer, respectively, during the bonus rounds.

However, Golden Gods has a higher victory figure than its forerunner by 10,000. Naturally, this feature of Golden Gods is highlighted so players are aware they can win up to 60,000x their wager. That number is more credible because of Max Win Gaming’s strong relationship with Relax Gaming than it would be if the company was out there on its own, creating a name for itself.

In a nutshell, Golden Gods may be described as “Money Train 2 with an Aztec twist.” It has a higher maximum win amount, which is appealing, but there is a less thrilling route to getting there. That is, in comparison to the fact that a score of 60,000x in any game would make the heart race for just about everyone.






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