The Founder Of PokerStars Has Been Arrested In The USA

Many people immediately think of Poker when you mention the name Isai Scheinberg because he co-founded PokerStars, the largest online poker room and casino. U.S. officials have made an official arrest of Scheinberg, bringing an end to the many charges against him. Since 2011, when some of the charges were first filed, Scheinberg has evaded going before a judge.

However, as of early January, the creator of PokerStars has decided to stop racing. He was taken into custody after flying to New York. However, he was released on $1 million bond nearly as quickly as his arrest had occurred. However, he will remain in the United States until the charges have been resolved, so he is not completely free of responsibility.


Conspiracies and Illicit Financing

People may recall that the creator of PokerStars wasn’t the only one the US government went after. In an effort to get around the United States’ ban on internet gambling, several offshore casinos opened their virtual doors in the early 2000s and catered particularly to US players. This legal loophole was effective for a while, but in 2011 it was closed with extreme measures.


The places were closed to the public and punishments were imposed on those who tried to get access. Many online casino operators, including those behind Absolute Poker and Full Tilt Poker, found themselves in court as a result of the widespread crackdown.


The accused, however, pled guilty and accepted responsibility for their actions in these instances. In the grand scheme of things, the misdemeanors and crimes were minor offenses.


Only PokerStars managed to elude the law, and only after leading the authorities on a wild goose chase for years. Scheinberg has been caught, and he will be charged with bank fraud and money laundering.


Unforeseen Repercussions

The PokerStars co-founder currently plans to remain in the United States. It is unclear how the United States plans to treat him at this time, but he has already decided to face legal consequences, thus extradition proceedings may have already begun.


The 2011 crackdown was known as “Black Friday” in the Poker world in the United States since it led to the closure of many popular sites among American players of online casino card games.






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